Why Join a Sorority?

COLLEGE offers you the opportunity to learn, SORORITIES provide the motivation

COLLEGE life offers you a wide range of activities, SORORITY life involves you in them

COLLEGE offers you social events, SORORITY life offers you social experience

COLLEGE life offers you a room, SORORITY life offers you a home

COLLEGE offers you the benefits of a community, SORORITY life helps you give back to it

Benefits of Sorority Life

Sororities provide five basic benefits:

Many college women seek something more than just classes and casual friends. Sororities can provide an environment that fosters personal growth and promotes lifelong friendships. In fact, many collegiate women see their sorority as a "home away from home."

Along with friendship, laughter and fun, sorority membership provides opportunities for a life of learning and involvement. All Greek groups have a standard of excellence based on ideals, purposes, principles, and values, and sorority membership offers opportunities to help you reach your goals.

Sororities not only set the standards for scholastic achievement, leadership development, and community service, they also stand by you as strive to achieve your personal best.

Regardless of which chapter you join, you will find a strong bond with women who will celebrate your accomplishments and share your hopes and dreams.

Sorority membership spans a lifetime. After collegiate days are over, alumnae women continue to stay involved in their local alumnae chapters as members and many serve as advisors to collegiate chapters.


Is Sorority Membership Required?

Sorority membership is strictly voluntary. It can enhance your college experience and provide benefits long after graduation.

As with any association or organization, what we get out of it is often measured by what we put into it!